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God's Peace Book--Introduction Page
God's Word
God’s Peace
It was before five in the morning of April 6th, 1989. I was mostly asleep. I had been doing one of the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles the night before. The lesson was to ask a question and listen for an answer. The question was: “What is salvation, Father?
I do not Know. Tell me, that I may understand.”

Early in the morning I became aware of an unusual dream. I saw a book in the dream. The book was open for me to see. At the bottom of the right-hand page there were words highlighted. What I read
was: “Surely there will be capital cities: Pilgrim’s Point, Sahara, Puerto Rico.”
I sat up, turned on a light, and wrote these words down on the back of an article lying at the side of the bed. I laid back down and closed my eyes again. Nothing. I asked the question again and a series of words came to me. I began to write in the dark. I wrote the words down as quickly as I could. It was an awkward way to write. When I got to the word Gorbachev, I was so shocked I got up and dressed in some warm clothes. Then I went to my computer and began to type what I heard. I wrote for a while and got to a place where the voice said to stop. When I stopped, I got the notes I wrote while I had been in bed and typed them in.

Each day, for several days after the dream, I received more material, all during the daytime. At the end of one day I heard, “The name of this book is Peace.” The next day I got the names of six chapters. I moved things, which had already been typed, to chapters, as I was directed (the section with the word Gorbachev moved almost to the end). I received material for several more weeks, then nothing. There may be more to this book, but it is time for the words I have received to be read by others.

At a time in my writing I had a vision of pictures rather than words. They are shown in the text at the point I saw them. I’m not sure how they fit in.

This book began on the 6th of April 1989, about 4:30 in the morning. It began in a dream. I can assure you of but one thing. The person who types this is not the author.

I hope this book brings you the Peace and Joy it has brought me. This book is in six sections:

  1. The Beginning    2. The Journey   3. The Goal   4. The Process   5. Change   6. Salvation

Note: Anyone may reproduce and distribute this material without obligation, as long as this activity is not done for profit. If you believe in Peace, please give copies to anyone who asks for them.
God's Peace Book--Introduction Page
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God's Peace Book--The Goal Page
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